Farah Hammad


Farah Hammad



Fashion design has been a lifelong dream for Farah Hammad. Growing up between London and Paris, two of the world’s fashion capitals has undoubtedly influenced her passion as a fashion designer.

Determined to follow her dream, Farah studied fashion design, took up an apprenticeship and attended the Paris Fashion Institute program.  

“The Parisian women maintain constant as the epitome of style.”

Although she has been exposed to a multitude of cultures, it has always been the woman of effortless style that has inspired her.

Simplicity combined with delicate textiles and prints is what has influenced her in creating whimsical and effortlessly chic designs that exude femininity and elegance. Each silhouette has a romantic and modern touch which, reflects and accentuates the female form. 

Farah Hammad’s clothing line is about making women feel good about themselves, a desire to make them feel beautiful and compassion for those less fortunate, which is why a percentage of each purchase is donated to various charities.

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E-Mail: info@farahhammad.com
Phone:  +966569005454